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Welcome to Jet Coffee

Locally owned and operated, John and Stephanie are excited to announce the opening of Jet Coffee in Lafayette Louisiana in Fall of 2019. We have crazy good coffee, but our culture and passion will be evident to everyone who visits. Come by and try one of our hand crafted Jet Squad drinks that will brighten your mood to take on the day! Experience our crazy fast drive thru experience, or stop in and enjoy a killer cup of coffee with friends!

coffee. smoothies. and more!

our mission

To have exceptional customer service that is community driven. We want to bring joy and happiness to every customer we meet. Our motto, Dream On, is a reflection that anything is possible no matter what challenge comes our way. With crazy good drinks, friendly smiles, and exceptional service, you’ll leave our shop feeling inspired to take the day on!

crazy good coffee

crazy fast

So how will Jet Coffee differ from your routine coffee stop? Well, for starters, it’s a locally owned small business. Secondly, the level of care that John is putting into this concept will taste volumes. And thirdly, we all want our quality coffee fast, at a great price, and to taste great too. Jet Coffee’s specialty—kept secret—process will allow for much quicker delivery of the product without sacrificing quality & taste. Also, the price will be much more affordable with larger sizes.

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